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Reliable managed web hosting

Good quality, reliable hosting is essential for any website. Rather than leave our clients out in the cold to search through the confusing minefield of web hosting companies and technical specs, we offer managed hosting on our accounts with trusted providers using either UK or EU-based servers.


Our managed hosting includes the following services:

Fast and spacious

Our hosting uses fast servers with plenty of room for your website to grow. Unlike some web hosting companies, we don’t oversell the space or capabilities of our servers, which can lead to slow sites and hamper any future growth.

Regular monitoring

We have automated monitoring set up for all sites that we host, so we can solve any problems as soon as they occur, normally before you’ve noticed that there is anything wrong.

Automated backups

Most web hosting companies claim that they take regular backups. However, in our experience, when you need to access one of these backups, you find that either the backups aren’t working properly or it takes too long to wait for the backups to be found and your files recovered.

This is why we take regular automated backups of all the websites we host and store them on a separate remote server. So, if there is ever a problem with your site (or the web server) we can quickly get your site back online, on another server if necessary. We keep copies of your website backups for at least a month too, in case a problem isn’t detected straightaway.

Software updates & site maintenance

It is important to keep the software running your site up to date to minimise the risk of security problems and to protect your investment in your website. We offer an optional add-on to our hosting service that includes regular updates to the software running your site and routine maintenance to ensure that the site remains healthy and secure.

Delivering peace of mind

Our managed hosting gives our clients peace of mind. They know that we’ve got their backs covered if anything untoward happens to their website and that we can get them back online quickly and easily.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our managed hosting service for your website. Call us on 01444 453404 or 07973 256301 or email: hello@springworks.co.uk.