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Trek Adviser

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Steve is clearly very good at what he does… [with] the ability to design the front end and then build the back end… and is very approachable as well.

Angus Ogg

Trek Adviser is the brainchild of Angus Ogg, who caught the trekking bug on a trip climbing Kilimanjaro with Exodus Travel. He spotted a gap in the market for a site for the trekking community where they could come together and share adventures, plus leave helpful reviews on the trekking companies, equipment and clothing manufacturers and related companies.

Such a big project demanded a powerful content management system that was able to handle the complex content model and also had membership features which could be integrated easily with a discussion forum. ExpressionEngine was the perfect fit. With its supremely flexible content model, powerful built-in membership facility and a wide range of commercially supported add-ons available to supplement the strong core features, it was an easy recommendation to make. Working with Angus was very enjoyable as we shaped the features and design of the site.

The site features a responsive design that automatically reflows to the size of the viewing device, presenting an optimised reading experience to the visitor. The reviews are marked up using the review rich data schema which results in better visibility in search engines.